Test Drive Testimonials: My First Test Drive

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 First Test Drive

Starting a new job can be an intimidating experience. My first day at the first car dealership I worked at was the worst in the history of first days. I came in during one of the summer months. It was 101 degrees with another 20 degrees on the blacktop and another 20 degrees hotter once you got into one of the cars.

In this area, there have been stories of salesman’s leather soled shoes melting as they stood out on the lot. I am a bigger guy from the north. The heat was new. It was like fighting an invisible wet blanket that threw me in pea soup.

I decided I wasn't going to focus on the heat. I wanted to be positive and try to help someone. And BOOM!

I got my first customer.

I can’t remember their names but they were a young couple looking at a VW Jetta. We walked around the car and they said yes to a test drive. I ran into the dealership, grabbed a dealer tag, and made a copy of their license. I had a bounce in my step. I was ready to roll.

The test drive went really well. They kept talking about how much they loved the car. They asked if we could stop by their house so they could get the check to pay for the car. My eyes got really big. I was about to sell my first car!

I told them that would be fine. We drive up to their house. The wife runs in gets the check. I was so excited. I even texted my wife!

The wife came back in the car. We all high fived each other, they were talking about the car like it was already a part of their family.  As they talk about names for the car it putters and breaks down.

We ran out of gas.

The first 5 minutes I was frozen with fear. I called my manager. Someone came to scoop us up and bring us back to the dealership. My boss had some choice words for me. He questioned many things about my life most of which had nothing to do with selling cars. Most of it I honestly can't remember but he said something about a ham sandwich.  Although, I heard a tapestry of swears that, if it wasn’t thrown in my direction I would have been a little impressed.

I worked there for only a few months. I learned that most dealerships don’t care about anything except selling the next car. 1 Stop Auto is different. They care about every one of their employees and customers.

Stop by 1 Stop Auto and come see the difference.

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