Test Drive Testimonials Part 1:

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Long before I came to 1 Stop Auto I spent time at one of the big new car retailers. I was always willing to help and jump at the chance to talk to customers. One day my manager called me over. He gave me a dealer plate and told me I was going on a test drive with a nice older lady. I was excited at the possibility of selling a car. I didn't ask any questions. I shook the ladies hand and we were on our way. 

As we started to roll away from the dealership I noticed the lady was nervous and moving closer to the steering wheel. I was told not to talk a lot during the test drive so I kept my mouth shut. She kept the drive at a low speed which I thought was normal with her being older. She was trying to be careful with a car that was not hers yet. However, when we got to the interstate I got a surprise when she said, "You should know I was classified as legally blind." 

I laughed. I thought she was joking. 

She was not. 

As she swerved into the interstate I couldn't help but think of all the mistakes I made in my life. Most pressing was the Taco Bell I had for lunch. To this day I am not sure how we got through the test drive without getting into an accident. As soon as we got into the dealership I jumped out of the car, took the keys, and called my family to tell them I love them. 

I told my manager what happened and how the lady could not see. He nodded his head saying he knew. The reason he chose me for the test drive is that I was large and easier for her to see. (I am a big guy round, not tall) I vented my frustration to the point that I could have been looking at the classifieds. Instead, cooler heads won the day and we went off to sell more cars.

I can tell you after being at other dealership and other companies 1 Stop Auto is the best. Here is the inventory check it out or call (757) 455-8600


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